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Markýzy Harol

Our objective is to introduce to you the HAROL company, a Belgian manufacturer of sun protection and shading systems, which represents a significant market player in strong and economically developed western Europe market.

We all live in days when we are attacked, every single day, by uncountable amounts of bargain offers, we are overfloded by advertisements that make us want useless things and retail chains are permanently succeding in marketing their cheap products. Smart customer, however, is fully aware of what is the very substance of contribution, advantage or satisfaction in buying the goods. Maron CZ, Ltd company, therefore, has decided to bring “smart solution” category products into the expanding Czech market. We bet on optimum marriage of top quality, design and function. We wish to address those of you who are smart-thinking when investing their money and want to experience, herewith, a rising living standard, increasing the culture of living and, on top of that, feel the effectivness that the prestigious products of European quality will bring to their lives.

For smart-thinking customers who like to do clever things there’s a solution named HAROL.


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